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About Us


It is with great pride that I welcome you to our wonderful school, where all staff and pupils aspire to achieve excellence in all that we do.

I believe passionately that every child is entitled to a safe, happy, varied and challenging learning experience. Through Christian values of Love, Honesty and Forgiveness we encourage the children to enjoy learning for life, to care for and respect each other and to take pride in all they do. I hope this website will give you an insight into the life and educational opportunities available at Frimley Church of England Junior School for your child.

Clare Wright
Headteacher & DSL


‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself.’ Luke 10: 27  

Our vision is to give everybody the opportunity to be confident and caring citizens and to flourish in an inclusive and nurturing environment.  We walk together to follow Jesus’ example by valuing and cherishing all, giving everyone the skills and knowledge to make good and courageous life choices to help ourselves, others and our world.  


At Frimley Church of England School, it is our goal to foster in our students a love of learning, strong morals and character and a genuine respect for others, prepared in every way – intellectually, morally and socially – for the world that awaits them.

To this end, our school is a large family where children are happy, confident and caring. Our highly dedicated team works hard to ensure that everyone is valued… and enjoys learning! Our motto, ‘Learning Together We Grow,’ sums up our belief that learning:

  • is the responsibility of the whole school
  • should be fun
  • is for life

The children of Frimley are the life of our school; all decisions and developments are made with their well-being and success at the forefront of our minds. We know that children only get one childhood, and our goal is to make sure that each learning journey is a positive, successful, rewarding and memorable one.

Every member of the school community tries to achieve their personal best in all that is undertaken and feels a collective, as well as a personal, sense of pride in their achievements. We strive to nurture independent life-long learners who are creative, confident and happy in an inclusive environment where our values are paramount. We guide pupils to make the most of the great opportunities that are available to them so that they can move on to achieve at secondary school and in life; to be global, national and local citizens playing their full part in society. Through our values approach, we encourage Frimley Learners to think and work independently and collaboratively, to problem solve, to be resourceful and resilient, to be determined and fearless, and to be able to communicate effectively.

Pupil Voice

The term ‘Pupil Voice’ describes how children give their input to what happens within the school and classroom. Our desire is for children to know that their expertise, opinions and ideas are valued in all aspects of school life. Pupil Voice permeates all levels of our work together, from children participating in small group classroom conversations to students establishing procedures, events and contributing to the overarching ethos of the school through our various pupil councils and the House system.


Another important part of our school is you, the parent. You will see that you and your child are very important to us. We are here to fulfil a common purpose – the education and development of your child – and the best way to achieve this goal is through working in partnership. We champion the link between school and parent and work very hard to involve you in every step of your child’s time here.

Building Character

As a church school we welcome students of all backgrounds and beliefs and offer an inclusive and spiritual education to all our pupils. We support family values, celebrate differences and have strong links within the community. The school develops a climate within which all children can grow and flourish, respect others and be respected; accommodating difference and respecting the integrity of individuals.

We believe that a morally aware child will develop a wide range of skills. These can include distinguishing right from wrong, developing an ability to think through the consequences of their own and others’ actions, having an ability to make responsible and reasoned judgements and having respect for others’ needs, interests and feelings, as well as their own.

We support children to develop skills to adjust to a range of social contexts by appropriate and sensitive behaviour, relate well to other people’s social skills and personal qualities, work successfully as a member of a group or team and resolve conflicts maturely and appropriately. They show respect for people, living things, property and the environment, exercise responsibility and reflect on their own contribution to society. Children are made aware of the diversity of other cultures both within modern Britain and throughout the world. Through this they develop an ability to reflect on important questions of meaning and identity.

Children are encouraged to develop their cultural awareness through recognising and nurturing particular gifts and talents; providing opportunities for children to participate in literature, drama, music, art, crafts and other cultural events and encouraging children to reflect on their significance.

If you would like to visit our school, please contact the school office.  I look forward to welcoming you and discussing the opportunities that are available at this wonderful school.

Clare Wright
Headteacher & DSL