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Art & Design

Art is a subject where we learn to express ourselves and develop creative ideas confidently. 

Leader: Amy Chappelow


Through the teaching of Art, the aim is to improve children’s engagement, creativity and provide them with opportunities to develop and extend their skills. All children will have the opportunity to express their individual ideas, thoughts and interests through a variety of mediums, equipment and resources.

Children will become more confident artists and creators understanding that there is no ‘wrong’ result/outcome and develop resilience to improving their outcomes. They will learn more about different techniques and skills and have opportunities to practice these to become more confident inventors and creators of their own works of art and projects. Where possible activities will include child-choice and be child-led to develop creativity and independence further.


Lessons are taught in blocks by the class or PPA teachers. Planning will follow a small step approach to mastery. Children will be influenced through enrichment, after school clubs and assemblies to provide further opportunity for creativity and child-led approaches. Lessons will be exciting and creative where children can explore their ideas through different mediums, equipment and resources in a supportive style of small-step learning to build confidence and more positive outcomes.

Teachers will take photographs of the children's work and submit to the padlet to enable skills and knowledge progression to be monitored. Monitoring will also be through flip scrutiny, sketchbook scrutiny and pupil/staff voice. The curriculum overview will show progression in line with the approach document.


In classrooms you will see:

  • Excitement, engagement and enthusiasm.
  • Exploration of techniques and equipment.
  • Children expressing their interests, ideas and thoughts with more confidence.
  • Children will broaden and deepen their understanding in art and design and enjoy the varied creative opportunities.
  • Evidence is collected through sketch books (where relevant) and photos (where appropriate).

Children will be able to:

  • Become better creative risk takers.
  • Become more resilient.
  • Become more experimental and understand how to better their outcomes.
  • Children will broaden and deepen their understanding in art and design and enjoy the varied creative opportunities.

Children leave Frimley:

  • With a wide range of art and design skills, knowledge and techniques.
  • With the ability to express their own ideas, interests and thoughts on paper and through other creative means.
  • With a confident approach to creative learning (being an individual).
  • Well equipped to plan and carry out creative learning and have developed their skills to achieve better outcomes.