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Quality Improvement Plan

Every year, the Headteacher and staff (working alongside the AQC and representatives from the Prospect Trust) reflect on the successes and areas for development in all aspects of the school. The result of that self-evaluation is the QIP (Quality Improvement Plan). This is a vital document to drive forward school improvement and enables leaders to put on paper the priorities for the academic year.   

The 6 key priorities for 2021-2024 are: 

  1.  Prepare children for life and learning so they can achieve their potential  
  2. Tackle growing inequalities 
  3. Harness the power of technology 
  4. Support the well-being of the whole school community 
  5. Root our school at the heart of the community 
  6. Strengthen capacity through collaboration 

Please find below the QIP for 2022-2023 showing the actions we intend to take this year towards these priority areas: