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Staff growth and development

How do we support and grow our staff?

We are dedicated to supporting all staff, both personally and professionally, including:

  • Weekly in-house CPD for all teachers and Learning Support Assistants.
  • Weekly year group meetings during the school day.
  • Learning Support Assistants invited to all Staff Development Meetings.
  • Teachers take weekly PPA time together.
  • Regular coaching sessions for all teachers and Learning Support Assistants.
  • Opportunities to work alongside staff from other Academies within The Prospect Trust (Key Stage 3 to 5).
  • Every staff member is offered the opportunity to take a 'Moments that Matter' day.

How are we invested in staff development?

All Middle and Senior Leaders are invited to take part in a fully funded NPQ programme.

Examples of internal staff development include:

  • Class teacher to Year Leader.
  • LSA to Lead LSA.
  • LSA to HLTA.
  • Receptionist to Office Manager.
  • Inclusion Leader to Pastoral Deputy Head.
  • Lunchtime Assistant to After School Club Leader.
  • Cleaner to Caretaker.

What is it like to work at Frimley?

ECT + 1

I have been really lucky to be able to start my teaching career here at Frimley Junior School. I have felt extremely well supported by all members of staff have been really motivated to develop my own practice. The opportunities to progress and develop are endless and the support you receive continues to grow. I think it’s really important to work in a supportive and welcoming team so that you can continue learning from each other.  What I love about Frimley, is that the children are explicitly at the heart of everything we do and we adapt our days and learning to suit them. It is evident that they enjoy coming to school and it’s wonderful to watch them thrive and develop as a person throughout their time here. We celebrate everybody’s achievements and support each other to do the best that we can, like one big family.  Being part of the Prospect Trust has given me the opportunity to make links with Tomlinscote and Farnborough Sixth Form to see the progression from 7 to 18 year olds. Having regular meetings with other members of the Trust also allows for best practice to be shared, explored and developed so that we continue to give our children the best learning opportunities that we can. 


When I first started at Frimley as an LSA, I was extremely nervous as I had previously only worked in one other school. I was immediately reassured by how friendly all the staff were and how present SLT were around the school. It was refreshing to see members of SLT out on the playgrounds and interacting with children. It was clear from the start that the whole school ethos was child centred.

I was ‘taken under the wing’ of an experienced LSA, who had been at Frimley for a few years - she made sure that I felt at home and was always there to help and advise. I very quickly felt like I’d been part of the team for years.

After only two years at Frimley, the opportunity arose to become Lead LSA. Initially, I was reluctant to put my self forward for the role, however after much encouragement from teachers and fellow LSAs, I applied for the role. It was a shock to be offered the position and I happily embraced the new challenges.

Whilst I was very happy in my role as Lead LSA, after only a year, the chance to get my HLTA accreditation came up. Again, after a lot of encouragement and support from my colleagues, I am now a HLTA at Frimley, giving me the opportunity to work with staff across all year groups and support children across the school.

I am immensely proud of all I have been able to achieve at Frimley, all of which has been done with the support and encouragement of my Frimley family.

ECT now Middle Leader

Frimley is an inclusive, friendly and encouraging school, not only for the children but for all members of staff. Since I started at Frimley five years ago, I have felt extremely supported by SLT to try out new ideas and further my career, so much so, I’ve not felt the need to move on. The school have really motivated me to develop as a person and as a teacher, investing time and resources to build on my confidence and competence as a teacher and as a result, I have progressed to become a year leader, core subject leader and DSL in the relatively short time that I have worked in the education sector. The staff team and the children are what make me love Frimley. Children are excited to come in to school and both children and staff foster a community feel where I feel so valued. The school’s values facilitate the children to develop as kind, committed and independent learners. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and all demonstrate a mutual respect for each other. It is a place where you can be so open and honest as everyone is so understanding. Frimley is an amazing place to work!  


When I joined Frimley Church of England Junior School, I was instantly welcomed by all members of staff. From senior leadership to subject leaders and children, everyone has been friendly and helpful, which has really allowed me to settle in quickly. The change from teaching in Wales to the English curriculum was at first quite daunting, but my year group team have been extremely supportive when planning and preparing lessons. As a team we share ideas and are encouraged to take risks and innovate our teaching styles. Workload is also shared, which is great as there is a clear focus on teacher well-being at Frimley. There is also a real focus on continuing professional development being a positive process. It has been great to be part of ‘peer coaching’ where I have been able to observe other teachers teach in an area I’d like to improve. In turn, being given feedback that is positive and constructive has helped me to develop my own skills. The best part about teaching at Frimley is the children. They are valued, challenged and encouraged to aim high. The high expectations set across the school create a calm and orderly environment where pupils are polite, respectful and well-behaved.