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Teacher Recruitment

At Frimley we have a well established track record of valuing and developing our teaching staff, creating strong teams who work cohesively together to build our thriving school community. If you are interested in working with us please get in touch to discuss your future career plans with us. Do not feel that you should have a Christian faith to be part of our team as we welcome applications from all. Here’s what our teachers have to say about what it’s like to work at Frimley.

Frimley is an inclusive, friendly and encouraging school, not only for the children but for all members of staff. Since I started at Frimley five years ago, I have felt extremely supported by SLT to try out new ideas and further my career, so much so, I’ve not felt the need to move on. The school have really motivated me to develop as a person and as a teacher, investing time and resources to build on my confidence and competence as a teacher and as a result, I have progressed to become a year leader, core subject leader and DSL in the relatively short time that I have worked in the education sector. The staff team and the children are what make me love Frimley. Children are excited to come in to school and both children and staff foster a community feel where I feel so valued. The school’s values facilitate the children to develop as kind, committed and independent learners. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly and all demonstrate a mutual respect for each other. It is a place where you can be so open and honest as everyone is so understanding. Frimley is an amazing place to work!  (NQT now Middle Leader)

I am currently in my fourth year of teaching at Frimley and I have loved my time at the school. In my first year, my NQT year, the support I received from everyone at the school was amazing; I was able to quickly develop my practice as a result. The atmosphere at the school from the leadership team, teaching and support staff, the office staff and the children is superb - it is brilliant to teach in an environment where everyone is valued, everyone is able to have fun, the children want to learn and every member of staff is driven to ensure every child thrives. I can honestly say I enjoy going to work. During my 4 years at the school, the leadership team have continuously found ways to improve the wellbeing of all staff. As a result, my work-life balance is a healthy one and within the work environment everyone’s successes, whether collective or individual, are celebrated. In my second year, I was given the opportunity to lead PE. Since then, I have received the support needed to develop the subject within the school and it has been incredibly rewarding to be given the responsibility and trust to have a positive impact on the whole school. I have learnt so much during my time at Frimley and I know I am working in an environment where I will be supported to keep on learning and developing my practice whilst working alongside a remarkable team of people to teach and develop the brilliant children at the school. (NQT now PE Leader)

My experiences at Frimley Church of England Junior School have been extremely positive. I was lucky enough to be offered a job as an NQT to start my teaching career and the support and encouragement that I have received throughout the years has been truly valuable. Especially as a new teacher, it is essential to have a supportive team around you that you feel comfortable to go to for advice. All of the staff here are welcoming, friendly, approachable and dedicated individuals, which has certainly made my experience teaching even more enjoyable and fulfilling. There are always opportunities to develop your teaching practice here and to progress as professionals. As a result of the safe learning environment that is promoted at the school, pupils and teachers are encouraged to challenge themselves and take risks, to allow us all to fulfil our potentials. Of course teaching does not come without its challenges, but the supportive leadership teams within the school are always there to assist you with whatever you need. I have had an amazing experience to start off my teaching career and I look forward to having many more years here at Frimley. (Classteacher)

When I joined Frimley Church of England Junior School, I was instantly welcomed by all members of staff. From senior leadership to subject leaders and children, everyone has been friendly and helpful, which has really allowed me to settle in quickly. The change from teaching in Wales to the English curriculum was at first quite daunting, but my year group team have been extremely supportive when planning and preparing lessons. As a team we share ideas and are encouraged to take risks and innovate our teaching styles. Workload is also shared, which is great as there is a clear focus on teacher well-being at Frimley. There is also a real focus on continuing professional development being a positive process. It has been great to be part of ‘peer coaching’ where I have been able to observe other teachers teach in an area I’d like to improve. In turn, being given feedback that is positive and constructive has helped me to develop my own skills. The best part about teaching at Frimley is the children. They are valued, challenged and encouraged to aim high. The high expectations set across the school create a calm and orderly environment where pupils are polite, respectful and well-behaved. (Classteacher)

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